Healing Vibration Art

Above: Ed receiving a healing session.

I have had reports back on several of the cards already. The latest one  (Sanctity) even before the final prints have been ready have had the following effects:

1). touching the original made me run ot the toilet twice (detoxing).
2). put up in the workplace and went home without feeling drained for the first time.
3). Opened the image on the computer, feeling healing energy flow over me and my foot that has been in pain for several years was completely healed.
4). Put under my babies bed and he slept through the night for the first time.

Photo: Therapy table that holds crystals and paintings during healing sessions.

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Welcome to Healing Vibration Art 

by Tracy Robbins.

Tracy is an energetic healer who brings healing energies and evolutionary light codes and formulas into artwork. You can use these artworks to progress your spiritual development and evolution as well as for personal healing processes.

Each piece of art is part of a healing process that works for the individual who requested the work as well as for other people who come into contact with the painting.  

Artworks also are designed to be used as sets for specific processes and many individual artworks are part of a set of paintings with a master artwork forming the completed process. 

Vibrational Art

Vibrational Art is artwork that was created with a healing intention. It has undergone an energetic process that enables it to unlock healing around the intention it was imbued with.  It works like a formula of healing that activates healing for your body and soul on multidimensional levels. This can have amazing results for the recipient or person having the image in their environment (prints, originals) or in their preferred method of receiving such as through drinking (mugs), food (fridge magnet) or wearing on their body (t-shirts and thongs).

Everything we see or touch holds a vibration. Those who are sensitive to these energies can sit on a chair in a park and feel the feelings of the person who left the strongest energy imprint on it. You may have noticed that food tastes better in certain restaurants where the atmosphere is nicer, or when the person preparing it just loves preparing food.  In the same way art holds the feelings and emotions of the creator.  When the artist channels the artwork, holds a healing intention for it or does energy work on it during or after the painting process, the vibration can have an even more profound effect due to the conscious intention it is imbued with. 

My discovery of vibrational art came about by a sequence of experiences. In level 2 Reiki you are taught to send healing via distance and sometimes to use a prop such as a teddy bear to represent the person you are sending the healing to. The recipient can usually confirm receiving the healing frequency at the intended time (not neccessarily the time you sent it). There were a number of discoveries for me around this and I have seen therapists and teachers of other modalities such as craniosacral therapy use a teddy bear or other prop to demonstrate healing to children to find the child received the healing via the initial demonstration.

I began to get information via pen and paper from my spirit guides/higher self when delivering healing about 10 years ago and this became a common way for me to deliver healing.  I would draw information and people, objects onto the paper and then send healing energy into it and redraw the result.  Whether the recipient was at a distance or sitting beside me, this would often be the method of healing required for certain situations. 

This naturally developed into healing through painting when I purchased a set of pastels in an art shop and attended a pastel workshop with Zoe Fletcher in 2007. I was able to perceive the vibration coming from my first artwork immediately. With each painting I produced, I noticed that certain people were attracted to paintings with certain intentions. People were naturally drawn to the artwork that was relevant to their needs without any conscious understanding of what the intention was behind the painting.  An example is that people with food or environmental sensitivities were attracted to Serenity- a piece about oneness and harmonisation with food and environment.

The pieces started to come into my head during healing sessions so I printed them into A4 size and placed them into the table during sessions. This soon became a routine that every client would chose as many painitngs as they were drawn to to go into the table. It is similar to using crystals which have specific properties and people are drawn to the relevant ones for them.

The next stage was that I became aware that the energy work I was doing in paintings and healing sessions began to hold a memory  of a healing path undergone and form a template or code which unlocks a healing process in the recipient if it is relevant to them and they are ready for it as part of their healing and spiritual evolution/development.  Not only do the paintings contain these keys but I started to notice them coming into healing session as energy templates even without a painting having been created yet.  

I have created guidance and healing cards called ascension cards, designed to use during healing sessions, as guidance cards to answer questions and also to have on your fridge or in your environment when you need their energies for longer periods of time.  These are a set of 11 cards with very specific energies.  Healers or individuals wishing to work with these keys/images or use them in their healing sessions, can purchase A4 prints of any design from the gallery or have them  made up according to your intention.

It is also possible to have them made into t-shirts or fridge magnets, mugs, depending on how you would like your healing energy delivered.