Healing Vibration Art

Welcome to Healing Vibration Art 

 by Tracy Robbins. 

Tracy is an energetic healer who brings healing energies and evolutionary light codes and formulas into artwork. You can work actively with these artworks to progress your spiritual development and evolution as well as for personal healing processes.  They also work well in therapy rooms or places that you would invite peace and gentleness.  Or you can simply enjoy them in your environment for their beauty.

Some artworks are designed to be used as sets for specific processes, 11 of which  form a healing card set which is currently available for purchase. Some individual artworks are part of a set of paintings with a master artwork forming the completed process and will eventually form another set of healing cards. Find out more about vibrational art here.

To find out about prints and canvasses click here.  

To find out about healing card sets click here.

Please note I am still updating the gallery and website.  If you have any questions about healing or artworks you can email me at lumin.essence@live.com.au.

Photo: Therapy table that holds crystals and paintings during healing sessions.